• When is the deadline to place an order?

Orders must be submitted no later than 11:59 P.M. (midnight) on Thursday for Sunday/Monday Deliveries. Any orders placed AFTER the order deadline will not be fulfilled until the following week. Midweek orders are no longer available.

  • Is there a minimum number of meals to order?

There is a minimum of 10 meals for your order to be processed.

  • How do I receive your weekly rotating menus?

Please visit our HOME page where you can enter your email address and sign up to be notified with the rotating menus, promotions, upcoming events and more!.

  • Can I place an order over the phone or by text?

We apologize but we only accept orders placed through our website.

  • Do you offer Subscription Packages?

We Do! All Subscriptions can be purchsed at the bottom of the “Meal Plans/FTDI” section.


  • Where do you deliver or is shipping available?

 We deliver to the entire Orange County, surrounding LA County and select I.E. cities. Overnight Shipping is also available for any location out of our home delivery radius. If you do not see a Home Delivery or Overnight Shipping option please contact us directly at info@mealprepbylj.com to verify if your city has home delivery BEFORE finalizing your order.

  • Which Camps do you make deliveries to?

Cypress Camp - 5523 Lincoln Ave 5 am MON

Westminster Camp - 14542 Beach Blvd 5 am MON

Santa Ana Camp- 1918 S Main St. 5 am MON

Silverlake Camp - 3303 W. Sunset Blvd LA - 9:30pm Sunday Evening.

Burbank Camp - 2705 W. Empire Ave Burbank 8:45pm SUN

Carson Camp - 21023 S Figueroa St. - 8:00pm Sunday Evening

Long Beach Camp - 3345 E Artesia Blvd - 7:00pm on Sunday Evening.

FLAT RATE OVERNIGHT - Orders are shipped on Monday and arrive to you Tuesday.

** Holidays may change delivery days/times **

  • What day will my order arrive?

All home delivery and pick-ups are every Sunday evenings. Selected Camp deliveries are Sunday/Mondays. Flat rate overnight shipping will arrive Tuesday. Times may vary.

  • What time will my meals be delivered?

Delivery times may vary depending on the route that week. Curbside pick up is located at our kitchen from 2pm-4pm Sunday afternoons. Please text LJ@ (562)881-5968 when you arrive we’ll have your meals sent out to you. Home delivery is from 3pm - 10pm. Times may vary but you will be notified with a more accurate time frame earlier that day.

  • What should I do with the delivery totes, name tags, insulated bags and ice packs?

We are passionate about recycling and preventing waste. Based on the delivery method you selected during check out will determine the steps of how to return Meal Prep by LJ's bags: Any bags/tags that are not returned will be charged a bag fee. Fee depends on type of bag. You have a one week grace period until the next delivery, and or pick up to return your bag/tags without penalty of a bag fee.

  1. HOME DELIVERY - please place the bag outside your door on your next scheduled delivery to be picked up by our driver.

  2. PICK UP - please return the bag on your next scheduled pick up.

  3. THE CAMP - please bring the bag back on or before the next scheduled delivery and place it on top of the Meal Prep by LJ fridge in the "BAG DROP OFF" box.


  • What are the macros in each meal?

All nutritional information is located in the details below each meal.

  • How long does the meals stay fresh?

We guarantee freshness up to 4 days. Beyond that time is your own preference but we recommend to freeze the meals after day 4 to keep them in their freshest form. The meals are provided in freezer safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe containers!

  • How do I reheat my meals?

Place your meal in the microwave, depending on the temperature you prefer, it may take 1 – 3 minutes. The meal containers are not only microwave safe but also dishwasher safe!

  • Can I freeze my meals?

You can place your meals in the freezer for up to 3 weeks, the meals provided are in freezer safe containers. We recommend you place a large freezer bag over the container containing the prepped meal to ensure proper storage.

  • Can I customize my meals?

Yes! Please click the Custom Meal section located on the bottom of the SIGNATURE page and the Meal Plans/FTDI page. At the time you can build your own meals by selecting your protein, veggie and carbs portions.

  • Did we answer all of your questions??

If not, please see our “Terms of Service” (located at the bottom of this page) for a more in depth look into policies and procedures, or email us at info@mealprepbylj.com