So Meal Prep by LJ was and still is an indispensable service that played a MAJOR role in the loss of 125 pounds for me. From the first week at the Camp Transformation Center, I saw Lindsay’’s business card, and realized that to really make this program work for me with my hectic teaching schedule, I needed help. Not only are her meals phenomenal, personalized and delivered, but for me they were essential to achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle since I don’t always have the time to meal prep and I don’t want to stress about it either. I plan to continue use of this service because of the convenience, but make no mistake, it’s excellent, the meals are bomb, and it has helped create a lifestyle change for me. The pricing is reasonable, and quite frankly, well worth it when you figure the hours you’d spend prepping your own meals. TRY IT FOR A WEEK and see if you don’t find it as indispensable as I do. THANK YOU LINDSAY!!!!!
— Susan Soprano
Meal Prep by LJ is so gooooood. The taste is unbelievable, you can’t even tell it’s FTDI food. The flavors are always on point, and just overall amazing service. Lindsay is always making sure her customers are taken care of, and will always meet your needs to make your healthy lifestyle easier on you. I say 5 stars, if your interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or in the camp, and would like help, I would highly recommend it!!
— Katelyn Johnson
Her food is so yummy!!! I’m a super picky eater and was able to stay FTDI with her help through a kitchen renovation. She completely worked around my needs and did meals that my husband liked too. Was successful on my challenge with using her as a resource and lost 21.1 lbs!! Thanks a ton!! Keep cooking
— Shelly Quental Honeywell
Heck yeah! The. Best food in 20 min from LA Downtown OC/Tustin,Irvine,Newport,Huntington OC, The restt is Disneyland
I swrx put my wi-Fi on it
— Ricardo Occamp
I loved using Meal Prep by LJ. after doing 2 challenges, i just wanted a break from cooking period. The meals are flavorful, perfectly portioned and never mundane!!! 2 thumbs up!!
— Ilona Wade
Thank you LJ. You made this challenge so much more manageable with your great meals. Looking forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle with your cooking! I highly recommend Lindsay to anybody who is doing the challenge or simply wants to start eating right!
— Juan G. Castro
Fail to plan, plan to fail... why not have Meal Prep by LJ do the planning for you so you don’t fail! Life gets in the way sometimes and these meals are a life saver. Every meal is different during the week which was nice cause when I was preping I would make one dish for the whole week! She also makes non-FTDI meals for my husband so his lunches are done too!!! Love the service (delivery right to the gym) and the food is excellent! Plan with Meal Prep with LJ and you will plan to succeed (and not have to wash any dishes)!!!!
— Kimmie Dominguez
I have used Lindsey’s meal prep for two of my 6 week challenges to assist me with the meal prep.
Everything was so overwhelming with the workouts, extra laundry for all the workouts, my work schedule, and shopping and meal prepping.
I needed some help and boy oh boy she made my life easier. The convience is the #1 reason I gave it a try but her food is Amazing!!!!
She is very accommodating, professional, and on time. I will continue to use her service from time to time after my challenge. Give her a try, she is the best!!
— Felishea Davis
Good, clean and satisfying! The flavors are well balanced and the salsa is so authentic I put it on everything! Soups are hearty and yummy too..
— Lori Burianek
I was delighted to meet Lindsay and thrilled with the convenience & quality of the meals. Wasn’t doing a challenge - just needed to get back to clean eating & appropriate portions.
Highly recommend!
— Dianne Deyoung
Guaranteed weight loss & also will teach you what proper portions are! All the food is delicious, you won’t be disappointed!
— Tana Cox